Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reading Survey by 4S: Why we Read at Home

Students in 4S all claimed they read a lot at home. These were the reasons why.
·        It is good for me
·        Books make my brain grow and makes me smart and I love reading books
·        It’s fun and interesting (3)
·        My parents say I have to and sometimes I read because I want to (2)
·        I have to (2)
·        It is fun and not tiring and I get to play video games if I read
·        Reading is fun; you just have to find a good book
·        I want to (3)
·        I just like reading and learning from information books
·        I can visualize what I read and it makes me smart
·        If I don’t read, I can’t play video games
·        It is interesting 2
·        It’s good for you and makes your brain smart
·        I like it and want to see what will happen next in the book 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Celebrating Terry Fox

Mr. Stuart lead this morning's chapel and he spoke about Terry Fox and his legacy. We watched a short video that shared about Terry's life and determination. After chapel, we all went outside to walk and run in Terry's honour. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Upcoming Field Trip to the Coquitlam Watershed

Field Trip 
to the 
Coquitlam Watershed

4S on Monday, Sep. 29
4V on Tuesday, Sep. 30

from 8:55-2:30 

Space is limited so we can only take two adults.  
A bus operated by metro Vancouver will transport us. 

Exploring the Watersheds & Discovering Connections 

We plan to experience this special place and discover its unique treasures. This is a place where few people go, wildlife abounds, trees tower in mountains and valleys and water moves through natural landscapes to our water supply system.

We will hop on the ‘water’ bus, see the dam, learn how water gets from reservoir to tap and explore what makes watershed ecosystems important through fun, student-centered activities.

Students will make connections between healthy ecosystems and a healthy water supply. Once they've experienced the magic, they will be reminded of their special day, every time they turn on the tap! 

First Week in 4S

A Few Reminders

The grade four teachers would really appreciate your help in ensuring that your child is as prepared as possible for the school year.  Could you please make sure that your child has...

1 - A school P.E. shirt and shorts LABLED with at least their last name.
2 - Suitable running style shoes for indoor P.E. - also known as 'indoor shoes.'
3 - A reusable water bottle.
4 - An earthquake comfort kit.

Thank you!